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Scientifically proven INZONE shakes are perfect for weight loss, wellness and to keep blood sugar level under control

Our nutritional powder shakes are recommended to consume using PRELOAD METHOD. 

Preload is a scientifically proven method to reduce the Ingestion of unhealthy/simple carbohydrates and its consequences for plasma glucose, diabetes, weight and metabolic syndrome. A nutrient-rich preload with a low GI given 30 minutes before major meals increases satiety, stabilises low blood sugar and reduces meal sizes, mechanisms which are related to the preload proteins´ effect on digestion.

Made in Sweden

NGC Powder Shake, Neutral

NGC Powder Shake Strawberry

NGC Powder Shake Chocolate

NGC Powder Shake Vanilla

NGC Powder Shake Strawberry flavored with Glucomannan

NGC Powder Shake Chocolate flavored with Glucomannan

NGC Powder Shake Vanilla flavored with Glucomannan